Giving our town a fair chance to compete.

If the town is to thrive it is absolutely essential that management of many aspects of the town is done so in the same way that supermarkets, out of towns and Eagles Meadow Meadow are managed.

Whilst we never condone littering the WCBC policy of outsourcing litter enforcement has resulted in smokers in the town centre wards being the easy targets. £10000’s of fines to smokers have been issued in the past 18 months.

I have long argued which has fallen on deaf ears that smokers do not generally put cigarette butts in bins for fear of setting them on fire, and have an unfortunate habit of dropping them on the floor. However, Eagles Meadow and the likes of Cheshire Oaks provide adequate and plenty of receptacles for smokers to place their cigarette butts.

So in an attempt to actually reduce the number of cigarette butts on the floor , and keep the money in our shoppers pockets and businesses tills I am absolutely delighted to help with the roll our of this fantastic initiative by Apollo Wrexham .

For free they will supply and install a high quality cigarette stump holder completely free of charge. They will also empty and clean them on a regular basis. ALL COMPLETELY FREE TO local business and the local tax payer.

We want to get these onto many walls in and around the town centre as soon as possible.

If you would like one of these please call Apollo on the number provided , leave a comment or send me a message.
If you lease your premise please check first with your landlord or we can speak directly to them on your behalf.

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