It is without doubt that the growth of the independent sector within the town centre is key to the regeneration of the town.

One such example is Emma Wilson and her business EmzCakes Creative Cafe on Chester Street. Emma is one of a new breed of young entrepreneurs in the town centre and within the space of three years she has taken her home based cake baking business for friends to a thriving town centre bakery and cafe, with ideas for national expansion.

I first met Emma over three years ago and we quickly hit it off.  Together we organised the first Small Business Saturday event in Wrexham, and this formed the basis for the now regular monthly street festivals which are giving many other start ups the chance to trade in the town before their next step into a permanent shop.  More recently Emma and myself started the Wrexham Bunting Project which is a simple community project anyone can get involved in to help improve the look of the town or local villages for that matter.

Emzcakes and Creative Cafe provide lunches afternoon teas, private parties, cup cake decorating and a range of handcrafted cakes.  The atmosphere is always so pleasant and friendly in there I compare it to like being in on the set of Coronation Street where everyone knows everyone.  Her success is of course in part due to her amazing growing team not least her partner Bobby who is a pretty dab hand baker himself now.

For more about the cafe click here.

Or take a look at this great video giving a real insight into Emma and her business.



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