We will be actively supporting a new charity being formed in Wrexham.

Humanity for Homeless.

There are a lot of agencies and organisations working on the homeless issue in Wrexham, but there are significant gaps.

Please join their Facebook group to be kept up to date.

Aims of Humanity for Homeless.

1) Fill the gaps in provisions.

2) To be a go to point as support for the homeless. We’re not qualified support workers but we can do for these people what a friend would do.

3) Keep collecting donations and donation them out.

4) Long term – campaign for a Ty Dydd to go along side Ty Nos

5) To work with ALL existing agencies on the homeless issues and bring more resources to help find a sustainable solution to the problems.

6) To act in an open and transparent manner and communicate our activities.

A website will soon be launched and you will be able to donate, time, funds, resources in many different ways to help.

Together we can make a difference.


Other Wrexham Charities.

Nightingale House. – Palliative Care.

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Advance Brighter Futures – mental health and wellbeing charity

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