Our founder Nigel Lewis, is the also the founder of the Wrexham Savers Card and Chaired The Town Centre Forum for three year up to October 2017, and is still a member of the Town Centre Forum Steering Group.

This is a group comprising volunteers, businesses, council members and officer who meet once a month to work on a town centre action plan.

I have actively campaigned for and been successful in :-

Lower parking charges in the town

Supporting the Peoples Market traders during the refurbishment of the market and Arts Hub

Putting on more events in the town centre

Developing a Town Centre Action Plan.

I believe the keys to the success of the regeneration of the town is to create a community based town where everyone feels welcome.

This means :-

  • Many stakeholders sharing a vision for the town centre and working together
  • Treating our shoppers with respect and not fining them unnecessarily for environmental issues.
  • Getting the town centre clean and tidy including working with landlords of unity premises to get them decorated.
  • Marketing all the great things we have in the town to local people and visitors – hence the creation of this website.
  • Regeneration of key areas such as Henblas Street, Queens Square and Lord Street – so they get a real vibe
  • Supporting the new peoples market / arts hub now known and Ty Pawb
  • Bringing back to life long term vacant properties such as the old Burtons, Boots and Clintons Cards on Hope and Regent Street.
  • Working with various agencies to try and improve the substance and homeless issues in the town.
  • Actively marketing Wrexham to national chains, franchises and independents that do not have a presence in the town
  • Increasing the quality restaurant offering in the town.

I was pleased to receive this award nomination.