Unfortunately  many people suffer from sleeping disorders, which can lead to exhaustion during the day.

Located on Grosvenor Road, Wrexham, Ventility Sleep Solutions specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. Their service utilises up-to-date technology, combined with experienced individuals from different branches of the healthcare sector. The service consists of an in-house Registered Nurse, a highly acclaimed Sleep Physiologist and a Respiratory Physician who also specialises in Complex Sleep Disorders.

“At Ventility Sleep Solutions we often get a lot of requests for tips on sleeping better. So, over the next few weeks, on Wrexham Town Matters we are going to be looking at how we sleep, and how we can best optimise it.

We will be covering the following topics

How We Sleep

What Is Sleep Hygiene?

Tips for Better Sleep Hygiene

Crafting a Night Time Sleep Schedule

Pre-Doze Do’s and Don’ts

Optimising Your Bedroom’s Sleeping Conditions

Sleepwear Choices

Lights-out Strategies”

For more information on Ventility please visit their website.

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