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Date(s) - 16/11/2019
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Wrexham Enterprise Hub



What do you do with a broken household item? Or a pair of trousers with a rip? Bin it? Absolutely not!


Live Green with Rosadonna (an eco wares cottage business based in Wrexham) is organising bi monthly repair cafés starting in November 2019


The cafés will open once every two months in Wrexham town centre.


At Repair Cafés, volunteer repair experts are available to mend items free of charge. Tools and materials are on hand. People visiting the Repair Café bring along their broken items from home to be fixed – objects like clothing/ textiles, electrical appliances, bicycles and furniture. Visitors sit with the repair experts and learn how to repair the items themselves.


Frustrated with the unsustainable growth of landfill and waste, the international Repair Café movement kicked off in Amsterdam in 2010. There are over a thousand Repair Cafés around the world. Repair Café Wales was founded in April 2017 to start and support Repair Cafés in Wales. “We reduce landfill, teach repairing skills and build local communities”, wrote Cerys Jones of Repair Café Wales, These cafes are staffed by volunteers who will try to fix anything that is bought to them.


Repair Café Wrexham has been set up by Live Green with Rosadonna, a small cottage business based in Wrexham, who create eco wares and raise awareness of the climate emergency and how to incorporate small changes into everyday lives. Members of the volunteering team come from across the community with the many volunteers from Extinction Rebellion, Wrexham.


Sharing repair skills is also meant to build community. People discover hidden know-how and practical skills in others around them and can pass on these skills to their friends and neighbours.


Organisers hope reducing consumption will also help lower household expenditure. “We don’t tend to ‘fix’ things anymore, we simply throw them away. There is an easy way to purchase more through the internet or from large corporate stores. Or for the people who struggle financially find a way to go without. So why not fix the things we already own? By having the know how or knowing where to take things that can be fixed for free makes a massive difference to people’s lives and to the saving of our planet” said Jayne Francis-Headon.


Repair Cafés through Repair Café Wales have sprung up all over South Wales and have only recently come to North Wales with the first café in Mold in October, although Repair Cafés have also been operating in Oswestry and Borders for some time through the International movement. Some are so popular they have to impose limits on the number of items individuals can bring for repair.


Organisers have approached local businesses for donations of cakes to refresh the volunteers and those that bring their items to be fixed. They have also recruited the members of Extinction Rebellion, Wrexham to mass bake for the event.


Repair Café visitors can find out online nearer the time which items will be repaired at each session. “The more volunteers with special skills we have, the more items can be fixed, and everyone volunteering can take on a role that suits them. For these events we need not only experts in their field but those that can carry out item triage at the front desk, serving cakes and drinks, manning information stalls and generally welcoming and ensuring every visitor is ok. Everybody is welcome.” Said Mrs Francis-Headon.


The first Wrexham Repair Café takes place at the Wrexham Enterprise Hub on Saturday 16th November, 12pm-3pm.


Anybody keen to know more or to volunteer can contact Live Green with Rosadonna via their Facebook page or email