Looking for something to do on a Thursday in Wrexham

Every Thursday night- Cʀᴏss Bᴏᴅʏ Sᴀʟsᴀ Cʟᴀssᴇs at T̲h̲e̲ ̲C̲r̲a̲f̲t̲y̲ ̲D̲r̲a̲g̲o̲n̲!!

🔥 7-7.30 pm FREE Class for anyone who has never done salsa before

🔥 7.30pm Beginners Plus- For those who want to go through fundamentals.

After class music and dancing while we ready ourselves for the next class.

🔥 8.40pm Improvers. Always start with a nice footwork combination that everyone is welcome to join in with (most do ) The turn pattern begins, usually with a focus on a particular area of technique.

At 9.40pm the lesson is over there is Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba until everyone goes home!

Whether you take one class or both, the price is £6. Membership available

If you don’t feel like going for classes, the social is absolutely free.



For more information.

07496 831535






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