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Located in Wrexham SR Security are part of the very well established Rawson Electrical Group.

SR Security have the experience and capability to provide all of your commercial and domestic CCTV and alarm requirements.


CCTV is a cost-effective way of reducing crime. It monitors and records onsite activity, inside or outside your property.

Many of their clients benefit from having a new CCTV system installed. There is a wealth of data that points to major reductions in the amount of crime carried out where CCTV cameras have been installed. As a result, this makes a strong case as to why CCTV is often seen as the ideal system for the deterrent and detection of crime.

All their systems have an advanced remote access facility built-in.  The only additional equipment you need in order to use it is an existing broadband connection and router.  This type of installation carries no further costs for its operation. You can also fully control your system from any remote PC, Smartphone, Blackberry or PDA. You can even program the system to email you when motion is detected.


An intruder alarm is key to securing your business premises. A working intruder alarm can be a vital deterrent to thieves for any home or business, whatever their size.

SR Security can design and install a wired or wireless system to suit any budget, location or specification.  This provides total security and peace of mind, and will protect everything from your garage, to your business. Larger projects, such as care homes, estate agents and blocks of flats are also within our capabilities.  Your system call can alert your mobile, a friend or your neighbour. We also provide access control, servicing, repairs and upgrades.

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SR Security can provide you with high resolution aerial drone footage for whatever your requirements. 

The surveying of a property or site for things such as corrosion & dilapidation is far easier when carried out by use of a drone rather than manually & it causes minimal disruption.

Their drones can collect high resolution imagery at a safe distance, enabling our clients to view detailed photos & footage to check for high level or difficult to access maintenance issues & general inspection.

Drone inspections can save companies thousands by identifying any potential maintenance issues at high level or in hard to reach areas before they become a problem, resulting in less down time.  A drone inspection also means there’s no need to close an asset down to carry out a visual inspection.

Another way that savvy companies are employing drone technology is to carry out regular ‘sweeps’ of their site, in particular the perimeter to check for security breaches such as any tamper issues or vandalism that could potentially lead to intruders gaining access.  With a drone inspection, problems can be quickly identified & consequently rectified.

An increasing number of companies are discovering the benefits of using drones as part of their security, visual inspection & planned preventative maintenance schedule.


Door Access

Whatever your building type, residential or business, SR Security can install a convenient, secure method of allowing entry. You won’t even have to descend flights of stairs, or move from the comfort of your lounge or office.

Added features such as automated gates or the ability to see who is seeking access to your property are possible too. A secure door entry system can give you safety assurances. It is a convenient way to permit access to your property. It can be either an audio or video system.  Audio allows you to speak to the caller before letting them in, or releasing the door remotely, via an electronic release mechanism. Video entry operates in the same way, but has the added security of allowing you to see an image of the caller.

Multi-handsets can be provided for door entry systems. This allows for greater flexibility and ease of use. So for example, you may choose to have a handset in the bedroom, living room and garage, or you may find it convenient to use one handset in different areas of your home. Electronic keypads, swipe cards and proximity tokens can also be incorporated into any of our systems.


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