On Monday 28th January along with several dozen other people I attended a public event in Ty Pawb hosted by WCBC – aptly titled –
” How can Wrexham Establish itself a modern market
town ? ” . This was to coincide with a markets themed exhibition currently being held in Ty Pawb.

The event was facilitated in an extremely professional manner by non other than the newly appointed WCBC Chief Executive, Ian Bancroft ( second from left ) . A number of WCBC councillors, officers and members of the Executive Board were present.

I have been involved with a number of town improvement ideas for over 10 years and this is the first time I have seen members of the public, businesses, voluntary organisations, and WCBC come together in this way in relation to the town centre. It is very rare for high ranking council officers to actually speak in public, this being reserved for the elected members, so all credit to Ian for taking the lead and making this happen and also the staff at Ty Pawb.

The debate was divided into three sections. What is a modern market town ? What does Wrexham have already ? What does Wrexham need ? Ian made sure that every person who wished to speak had the opportunity to do so, and an artist was on hand who produced an excellent graphic of some of the key points. This will put up on a wall in Ty Pawb and members of the public are invited to come and take a look and add further comments. 

The challenge now will be how this can be built on during the year ahead, so that a real vision, brand and identity is developed for the town, from which all the detail can then develop.

A key theme from last night was all the fantastic things we do actually already have in our varied county.

Nigel Lewis

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