No 22 is a brand new cafe / restaurant that opened in June 2019 in the Arts, Market and Community Hub – Ty Pawb in Wrexham, town centre.


No 22 offers a fantastic selection of breakfasts, hot drinks, snacks, main meals and drinks. Don’t miss their weekly specials, which are quickly becoming local favourites.


However, it is a cafe with a difference.  Community is at the heart of everything at No 22, who are participating is some amazing community initiatives.

The suspended coffee is a national initiative of which No 22 is an official member.  The concept is very simple.   When you purchase a coffee, you can if you wish purchase another coffee for those who are perhaps less fortunate for any number of reasons.  Each suspended coffee is marked up on the notice board.   Suspended coffee’s can be claimed by anyone in need.  Someone who has forgotten their purse, a homeless person, some one a bit down in the dumps and needs a lift, or someone who cant afford to treat themselves.  It’s all done on trust with no questions asked.


The Payitforward initiative will see dozens of meals going to those in need and works like this.


Their third initiative is the book exchange.  Simply bring along a book and swap for one on their selves. When you have read swap for another.


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