It is without doubt that Wrexham like many other towns and cities faces a significant homeless problem, often combined with mental health issues, substance abuse , trauma, and a chaotic lifestyle for so many, in one of the worlds richest counties.

This problem along with other anti-social issues, is a reason why so many people feel unsafe in parts of the town and why they rarely visit Wrexham.

This is not good for local people, for business , the town and most of all for the individuals.  There is some amazing work being done by numerous agencies, and there are a number of examples of people leaving this chaotic lifestyle to a more normal life.  With a roof, running water, sanitary facilities, a home and event jobs.    But more needs to be done.

A new project is starting in Wrexham, not to undermine the existing service which are stretched to the limit, but rather look at a more joined up, end to end solution, and providing not just a roof – but a home, with help and support.  Many of these people are of the most vulnerable in society – they have nothing.

The kick off meeting for the project is being held on 24th October 2018, 7 pm at Ty Pawb , Market St, Wrexham.  Georgie Adams the founder of the project said, ” everyone one is welcome to come along with an open mind to hear what that project is all about.”

You can find out more about project home on their Facebook page.

To make this project happen will undoubtedly require resources , so their are all sorts of opportunities to get involved.

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