Many will have seen the continued decline in High Street Retail and real challenges lie ahead. Many house hold names including New Look, M & S, Debenhams are under pressure all around the country like never before and it is inevitable that some branches may close.  Losing any of these brands in Wrexham would be a disaster so it is vital we support the town.

If anyone thinks major brands are going to rescue the town, think again.  The future lies mainly in a much more varied town centre offering including experiences, dining, living ,entertainment and in the growth of local independent  retail despite the challenges of setting up in expensive out dated premises.

One thing we can all do to help encourage this is to spend locally.  Yes we all probably use supermarkets and the internet, but everything should be in moderation.   The simple fact is the more that is spent locally the more that stays locally.

By supporting the Wrexham £10 challenge you can make a real difference to the local economy.

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