At Wrexham Savers and Wrexham Matters we are passionate about Wrexham, those who live, work and trade here.

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than introducing local people to local business.

An alarming amount of money leaves Wrexham each week via the internet and supermarkets.  We are not condemning these, since they create valuable jobs and opportunities.

However, by supporting a local business you are supporting a dream, a vision an idea. Money spent in the local economy is much more likely to be kept in the local economy thus providing economic benefit to the area.

We would never suggest you should not use supermarkets and internet, but we like to spread it around.

You can find 100’s of local businesses listed on this website . Why not try something different.

Last year the Wrexham £10 challenge was launched. This encourages people to try and spend £10 of their weekly supermarket or internet shop with a local business.  We know lots of people are changing their way of thinking.

Can you support the Wrexham £10 Challenge.

If you run a local business and are prepared to share our poster on your social media or print off and add to your window or notice board please send us a message,and we will  include you in the promotional material.  email-

Download the poster – click here.




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