In 2015 the now regular Wrexham Street Festival was trialled as an idea to boost footfall into the town centre.  It was based on a study by Manchester Metropolitan University titled Markets Matter, which states regular markets can increase  footfall in a given location but up to 30%.

The Street Festivals have created a vibrant community feel and have allowed a number of home based businesses to thrive and grow, and for lots of local charities to gain much needed exposure.

The entertainment for street festival days has been supported by Ian and Norah Lucas and John Jones of Quality Acoustics, and out of this was born the idea of Wrexham Singing Streets to support the September Street Festivals.

2017 was the second year of Singing Streets which is an amazing initiative to demonstrate the value of music to society and how important it is in Wrexham.

With over 25 choirs and 800 performers at 6 locations on the day, Wrexham Singing Streets is proving to be a popular local attraction.

A documentary on Singing Streets, produced by Robert Corcoran has now been produced. We hope you enjoy the documentary.

Hopefully, there will be an even bigger Singing Streets Festival this year.  If you are interested in participating please send us a message.





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